Pullin’ for Pearson Fundraiser


Pullin’ for Pearson was a successful event! Over 8K raised to help the Pearson family. Our chapter was well represented. Much thanks to member Scott Leven for all of his hard work preparing for the event. ASIS Ozarks was officially recognized as a sponsor, we had our banner displayed in the food line, and members wearing our new chapter shirts (thank you Bill Boehning). Thank you to these folks who helped with set-up, serving, and clean-up:

Lori Rhoden
Chris Holland (and his wife)
Scott Leven ( and his wife)
Nic Rasey
Zeke Clawson
Mark Grabowski

Thank you Darrel Kingore for ensuring that the banner got to the event.

Check out this video from KSPR and the pictures below.


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